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Lady Gates Fall In NIT To NC State

Posted in ACC, Atlantic Coast Conference, Basketball, Florida Gators, NC State Wolfpack on March 28, 2008 by Chad

Lady Gates: 55
Lady NCSU: 80

I love seeing the Gates lose. From football to basket weaving I really don’t care. Last night the ladies of RCC (Rolly Clown Colledge) defeated the lady Gates by 25 points! Spank City. I get a double dose of goodness from this event because not only did the Gates lose, but they lost to an ACC team. The Gates only lead in the game was 3-2 with 17:06 remaining in the first half. It was that point that the slaughter began. I just wanted to say thanks and congrats to the Ladies of NCSU. Two-thumbs up performance.

Borat Thumbs-up