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BC Advances To Frozen Four

Posted in ACC, Atlantic Coast Conference, Boston College Eagles, Hockey on March 31, 2008 by Chad

Congrats to the BC hockey team who is headed to the Frozen Four for the third straight year.  After being down 2-0 to Miami (OH)* they came back to win 4-3 in OT.  Next up for BC is North Dakota on April 10th.

BC Hockey

*Was the OH really necessary?  Who would really think that it would be Da U?  I couldn’t even tell you the last time I even knew of a hockey game here in Florida.  In fact, in the town I live in…they make a little ice skating rink in the downtown area that has to have special equipment to keep the ice frozen.


Interview With A BC Guy

Posted in ACC, Boston College Eagles, Interviews on March 4, 2008 by Chad

Here it is…our first interview with an ACC fan. The lucky fan privileged enough to pop our interview cherry is BC Guy EndlessMike66 of the EagleInsider forums. So check out the interview and leave him your comments. I’m sure he’ll respond in the most professional and respectful way possible.

ACC Trash: Tell us what it means to be a BC Guy.
Mike: BC guys are leaders of men and captains of industry. Eagle Insider is the nexus of the universe where the internet’s greatest minds meet on a daily basis. Every ACC school has an Eagle Insider ambassador to the ACC League of Nations (except for Miami, whose seat was vacated due to conviction).

ACC Trash: Why isn’t the EagleInsider Dictionary* as big as Webster or Wikipedia yet?
Mike: Give us time. We’ll get there, as long as the EI Dictionary’s sheer depth doesn’t cause the internet to shut down.
*ACC Trash Note: As Mike insinuated, the EI Dictionary is a great resource for the current slang. I recommend you check it out.

ACC Trash: Do you have NOBAMA! for Obama*?
Mike: I will be six feet under before I adopt any phrase created by NewYorkCanesEagles.
*ACC Trash Note: Consult EI for the meaning of NOBAMA! for Obama.

ACC Trash: How long before TOB turns NC State into a national powerhouse?
Mike: Well it’s important to point out that TOB’s idea of a success is getting out of the office a 4:59 so he can sip Country Time Lemonade on his porch on Daniel Island. So in that respect I imagine NC State is already shaping up to be a real powerhouse.

ACC Trash: Who are the ACC Jort Champions?
Mike: NC State fans are the jortsiest of them all. Virginia Tech is challenging the title, but they’re still a few Tasmanian Devil tattoos away.

ACC Trash: Outside the ACC, whose fans suck the most?
Mike: It would have to be a three-way tie between the Boise State fans who still hate BC for beating them on their stupid blue turf, the Big East fans who spend hours on BC message boards reminding us they don’t miss us, and SEC fans, who really need no explanation.

ACC Trash: If you were a 5* recruit and you had offers from only NC State and Notre Dame…Where do you go?
Mike: Well I’d have to go with Notre Dame since it’s a good school and at least when they talk about their football tradition, they actually have a football tradition to speak of. Honestly though, I’d be wondering what I did wrong and why Jags didn’t consider me a BC Guy.

ACC Trash: Thoughts on the ACC versus the Big Least?
Mike: Big East fans still troll Eagle Insider and ask us if we miss them. The answer is no. The ACC is a better fit athletically and academically. The Big East made it pretty clear that they only really care about basketball, and the monstrosity it has become is a testament to that. The ACC has the same 12 teams and this format allows for spectacular rivalries from the field to the court. Although BC is the only northeastern ACC school, it still makes more geographic sense in an Atlantic Coast Conference than Marquette, Cincinnati, Notre Dame and DePaul make in the Big East. Personally, I am really enjoying the ACC and its fans. The naysayers said BC would not be able to compete, but since the move we’ve been right in the thick of it and are fostering some great rivalries.

ACC Trash: Is Jags really better than TOB?
Mike: How much time do you have? I could go on for days about how much better Jags is for this program. When I was suffering under TOB’s 8-win seasons and lowered expectations, I put together a wish list of attributes I wanted in a new BC coach. Jags is everything I wanted in a coach, and more. He is an energetic recruiter, he runs a dynamic, exciting offense, he is a great ambassador for the school, and he really understands what makes BC great.

ACC Trash: Other than Mez of course, who’s the baddest Ambassador at EI?
Mike: You’re making a name for yourself and reaching out to the BC community with this blog, so it could be you soon enough. Maybe Mez could use a Deputy Secretary-General.